The Project

SURVANT aims to build and bring to the market an innovative tool capable to analyse video footage from heterogeneous surveillance video archives and efficiently identify and extract relevant information about events, people and objects from such videos.

SURVANT integrated system will make available and address investigators’ needs with the following main results:

  • Situational awareness framework. Through the geo-registration capabilities and a user intuitive interface for GIS assisted search, SURVANT will be able to analyse and correlate videos from modern and large scale camera networks that may comprise multiple sites and complex camera topologies.
  • Advanced content-based search. SURVANT will utilize Artificial Intelligence to analyse video content and enable content-based search. Furthermore, through an efficient knowledge modelling, SURVANT will be able to provide a more natural search experience to end users, by automatically analysing and detecting high level events through an advance reasoning feature.
  • Search expansion tools. Additional tools, namely query building support, search expansion recommendations, iterative search functionalities and event evolution prediction will be provided to assist investigators improving the investigation in terms of time and efficiency.