Analysis of video and audio “in the Wild” – an International Workshop at IEEE AVSS 2017

The International workshop Analysis of video and audio “in the Wild“, organised in conjuction with IEEE AVSS 2017, will be placed in Lecce, Italy, on the 29th of August 29 2017.

The event will focus on the investigation of novel approaches for analysis of video and audio to support the security forces in the process of crime solving and prevention targeting real-world challenging data sources. The goal is to present revisited and novel algorithms that show resilience when applied to challenging real content from CCTV, hard drives or online resources (e.g. YouTube).

Contributions and papers from the broader research community are welcomed. Papers to be presented in the workshop cover topics related to:
– robust video processing algorithms for face detection, object detection, logo detection;
– object and human tracking, person re-identification;
– video pre-processing, stabilization, colour enhancement;
– action recognition, behaviour analysis and learning;
– biometric analysis (soft biometrics such as gait/gesture, clothes, face/skin colour);
– indexing and query optimization for very large multimedia collections;
– benchmarking, introduction of new experimental datasets derived from real CCTV footage;

The workshop will leverage the results of the EU-funded ASGARD, SURVANT and DANTE projects.

More information about submission of papers and the programme is available at: